Museum Visit: Zulu Exhibit

Dress was very crucial to the Zulus’ identity. It was really interesting to learn that the handmade objects were a significant part of their rich culture because it connected them to their ancestors. These personal items also express the Zulus’ social status and identity.


The Zulu Exhibition gave me inspirations for my final project. One object that stood out to me was this loincloth that is made of brass buttons and pink/black bead fringes. The colors work really well together. I really like that in contrast to the brass buttons that are very rough and military-like, the Zulus added pink beads so that the loincloth would also look feminine and soft.


I also like this belt that is made of cotton, woven fiber, glass, and thread. The geometric designs in the beadwork are really beautiful and intricate. I really like how the Zulus used shapes such as diamonds and chevrons to decorate their belts.


Thus, for my final project, I want to create a garment that is made of fabric with many contrasting shapes and colors. I also want to work with soft and sheer fabric that will drape the body nicely.  I also want my garment to include some sort of a belt that would beautifully accentuate the body like the Zulu’s did.

Examples of fabrics:

Multicolored African Pattern With Geometric Shapes/symbols  Fabre Fabric_Sheer_Fabric_Voile_Fabric  Fabric_Shebric


2 thoughts on “Museum Visit: Zulu Exhibit

    • Yes, I am aware that I need to do a garment. The belts were just my inspirations. I’m not actually going to make the belts for my final project. I guess I should have included my garment ideas in the Museum report. I will fix it right now. Thank you.

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