Assignment #2: Poem & Vest

The Music

I’ve heard music all my life,

But not one quite like you

From the violin to the trumpet,

You are fast like a bullet

From the trumpet to the guitar,

You are the star

Your music comes from within,

I feel free as I listen

You are so magical,

It is undeniable

You make me want to cry,

But I hope we never say goodbye


My Vest: 

Image Image


Creative Statement

For my project, I was inspired by Stephane Rolland’s Spring 2013 couture collection. His dresses were very structural, eye catching, and unconventional. So, I decided to make garment that was architectural and not ideal for everyday wear.

I started by using white plastic bags to make a strapless top. Then, I covered it with magazine papers. I sewed the magazine papers together using running and fell stitches. Due to the fragileness of the magazine papers, I had to cover it with catalog papers that were thicker. I then, used catalog papers to fold into architectural shapes such as leaves and flowers. And then I sewed those shapes onto my garment by using running stitches.

My finished garment definitely has a lot of volume and structure. 

Image  Image

Favorite Designer

My favorite designer is Elie Saab because his dresses are so well-designed. They are stunning and very sweet. Also, I love that he uses a lot of lace because I love lace.  His gowns are so beautiful that celebrities often wear his dresses to events such as the Oscars. My favorite dress from Saab is the gown that Mila Kunis wore to the Oscars in 2011. I love everything about this dress, especially, the lavender color and the lace details. The dress is perfect!



Elie Saab’s blogs:     &