Final Project

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The Institute for Figuring

My visit to the Institute for Figuring was really helpful because it gave me ideas for my project.

This piece from The Paper Model room is interesting because it starts from one point and curves out in every direction in order to make a big piece. I like that the concept of “ultra-parallels” (parallel lines come through the point) was used. It is also amazing that this piece is made from pipe cleaners.

The Paper Model room showed the various new forms that can be made from simple shapes like hexagons. This reminds me of the patterning of 3-D objects that I did for the blog.

This piece by Christie Wertheim which is crocheted using discarded audio-tape shows that you can make use of things that you want to throw away. There are so many materials that you can use to crochet.

Final Project Idea

Project Idea:
The Crochet Coral Reef project was very inspiring. Seeing the pieces in the gallery got me thinking about the beauty of nature and how we don’t fully appreciate it. There should be more done to preserve nature and creating art that expresses the preservation of nature is one way to do that.

I was most inspired by this blue and green beaded pseudosphere by Sue Von Ohlsen. I love the contrast of the blue and green colors. Also, I like the pink and yellow parts in the center because they look like flowers. Also, the curved edges of the piece look as if they were flower pedals.

These images of flowers remind me of the time when I visited the Rose Garden in Thailand. It is a popular tourist destination that is filled with exotic flowers.






In my project, I want to show that we should all take advantage of the beauty of nature and visit gardens while they still exist.

So, for my project, I want to embroider flowers like the ones they have at the garden. I will use methods such as French knot and daisy because it would be the best way to show the intricate parts of the flowers. I will also incorporate beads into the embroidery. I think using beads would add more texture to my embroidery.

I want to embroider using yarn and beads that are purple, pink, and yellow to symbolize all the colorful and vibrant flowers that exist. I will then turn my embroidery pieces into headbands and bracelets to show that accessories can be used as a statement for nature preservation. Also, when I wear them, it would be a constant reminder of the great time I had at the Rose garden.